Review of iTunes 11

After several months of anxious waiting, Apple has finally released a major update to its standard media player for OS X. And the main features of iTunes 11 have a completely new interface, lots of useful features and completely redesigned from the iTunes Store and App Store.

The first thing that catches your eye after you install and run iTunes 11 – is an updated interface. The application has become even more relevant to the general style of the operating system, which appeared a year ago in the Lion and the continuation of this summer release of Mountain Lion. Minimum of colors and panels make it look like a “hybrid” solution between good old iTunes for Mac (earlier) and the application Muzyka. app for iPad.

The entire width of the window of the new application takes a media library. This simple solution allows to concentrate on the music. However, the side panel also has not disappeared anywhere – it just, just hiding and appears on demand, which is necessary to press a special button at the controls. This way you can switch between the main categories (Music, Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts, iTunes U, Books, Software and Sounds). I can not say that the administration was as intuitive as insisting on Apple, but on the old side of the same will not be bored.

But supporters of the good old sidebar can enable it in the View menu (or shortcut Cmd + Option + S):

In previous versions of iTunes users have been available several viewing media collection – a simple list, a list of songs from the album, mesh covers or Cover Flow. It has now become more and more “heaped”.

Mode “Song” has not changed. This is good old list of several speakers, among which there is the name, artist, album, genre, duration, rating and so on.

In Playback mode, “artist” on the left list displays artists, and in the main area of ??the screen – the selected music albums with tracks in multiple columns. In addition, artists can rassharivat photos are available after clicking on the “Gallery”. Social music network Ping-covered, but the thing it lives :)

But the most important changes were mode “Albums”. He works outrageously simple: you choose a specific album, click on it with the mouse, after which he was “thrown open” the entire width of the screen to indicate the following fields:

    Name: for one The song list with the number of tracks, duration and ranking. Several system buttons that allow you to buy the missing song or the whole album, view recommendations for iTunes Store, as well as download a song from iTunes in the Cloud. And in the right pane displays the cover. Moreover, the application tries to select the most suitable color for the background of wide-open album.

Sometimes it turns out well, sometimes not, but I hope in the future, Apple «finished» this possibility:

In addition, the top panel appeared a few favorites – “Genre”, “Playlists” and “Radio.”

We should focus on the process of adding songs to the playlist. After clicking on the “Add» iTunes displays your entire music library. The user will only have to choose a song, drag it to the sidebar with the current contents of the playlist and finish editing, click on “Finish” button.

Even easier to create a separate playlist of the album – it is enough to grab him and drag toward the right edge of the window iTunes. After that, the application will open a special panel, which lists all the available playlists or connected iDevaysov.

The next cool new feature iTunes 11 has a function “Next”, and you can control the play queue. It works like this: when you listen to music, you can click on a special icon on the LCD-panel of the player and you will see a list of the next and previous tracks. Clicking on one of them you’ll stop the current playback and go to the selected track.

In addition, you can “order” a song straight from the media library – this click on the icon next to the track and in the menu, select “Add More”, and it will appear in the category of the same name in a tool bar. iTunes finish the current song, then play all the tracks in this section, and then will return to the current queue. I like that – in previous versions of similar function was carried out by iTunes DJ, but it works, in my opinion, is not very intuitive.

Significantly improved search your library. Now in it, similar to Spotlight, the results are divided into categories (albums, songs, artists, music, video, etc.) and allows you to quickly move to the library or play back by double clicking.

Mini-player have also changed – it is smaller and more functional. For example, the controls are hidden under the information about the current track. At the same site is a search box.

Search results, as well as a list of “on”, shown under this window. I used to mini-player did not use, but now sure will.

By the way, thanks to the support of all Cloud users purchased songs, movies and TV shows are displayed directly in the library, so you can listen to or watch media file even without downloading it to your computer. But the coolest feature – is to synchronize the position of playing a movie (for TV shows, podcasts, or lessons iTunes U) between the iPhone, iPad and your Mac. When you start to change the device to watch or listen to the point where you left off the last time.

Small change were software modules to work with iOS-devices:

Also, the downloads in iTunes 11 will separate window:

And finally I would like to say a few words about the new design iTunes Store and App Store. I do not know about you, but I like it so far – it began to look more fresh and modern than the previous version. Moreover, it is in every multimedia device stores look and work almost identically, which is an advantage for new users. You can go to the store with a button in the upper right corner of the library.

Of pleasant things:

    You can now move around the store and iTunes at this point will continue to play a running sample of the song; in the pages of artists and bands new section with concerts and ticket reservations (not us, of course); or to view the stories, you can use a special button.

Anyway, I would like to wish our customers a successful upgrade. If you have something to say about the new iTunes 11, you are welcome in the comments! :-)

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