The new MacBook Air have problems with Wi-Fi

The updated MacBook Air models may experience problems in the Wi-Fi adapter. This was recently technological resource Gizmodo, which is in search of dirt on apple products went to the support forums Apple Support Communities. And their efforts were rewarded quite a few people who have purchased one of the airs of the last generation, report frequent disconnects and, in some cases, to restore normal operation of the wireless module only after restarting the system.

According to the version of Gizmodo, the problem could be related to the location of the antenna for the Wi-Fi adapter inside a plastic strip that hides the display hinge. However, no one has the exact cause could not be determined, and it may be associated with both hardware and software bugs. In the latter case, the Cupertino-based company will be enough to release a simple driver update.

On the Apple support forum users that the problem occurs with the wireless equipment from different manufacturers. At one connection is interrupted every 15-30 minutes, but can be quickly restored by simply turning on and off Wi-Fi via the menu bar or the System Preferences utility. Others face similar gaps when downloading large files from the Internet. In the third connection is interrupted more often (every few minutes), and then re-connect to the Wi-Fi can only reboot the laptop.

In Gizmodo confirmed the problem and said that it appears much more often if the MacBook Air is on the desktop:

All this is very reminiscent of errors that we face when working with our laptops: first Wi-Fi connects to the network, but after a minute or two the connection stops working. And in order to reconnect to the wireless network, you never want to reboot the machine.

An anonymous source from the staff of one of the Retail stores of Apple in London told me that recently they have “significantly more frequent complaints” related to the problems in the Wi-Fi. In some cases, even being replaced airs.

The updated MacBook Air, which in addition to energy-efficient processors Haswell adds support for the new standard 802.11ac, allowing data transfer rates 3 ??times faster than the previous generation, were presented earlier this month at Apple presentations, opens the annual conference for iOS-and Mac Developers WWDC 2013.

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