Came the sixth beta version of iOS 7

Tonight Apple has sent for testing to all registered developers a new and is the sixth beta version of iOS 7. Initially it was only available through the update mechanism “on air» (Over-the-Air or abbreviated OTA), a built-in mobile operating system, but a little later the apple company posted a full firmware files in the Apple Developer Center.

In fact, this release was a complete surprise to most “okoloyablochnyh” news sources that are actively involved in yesterday reprint The words of anonymous sources BGR that the Beta 6 is sure to come out next week and will be the last test build before leaving GM. But Apple chose to ignore its traditional schedule of releases and once again showed how skeptical should apply to all such rumors.

The new beta version of iOS 7 was released just a week after a small Release of Beta 5 . And even from minor differences in the build number (11A4449d 11A4449a against the previous build) it becomes clear that no radical changes, we will not see it. This is indirectly confirmed by the size of the delta update of the module “Software Update”, which as far as I know, for all the supported devices is the same and is 13.5 MB.

According to the official release notes, this update fixes a rare, but still vexing problem in the functions of iTunes in the Cloud, when the commission of certain purchases in the Apple store multimedia on mobile gadgets download or reproduce completely different elements (although I personally do on the description of this bug remind function Genius :) ).

And now the Cupertino-based company recommends registered developers to run on all of your mobile devices running the previous beta versions of iOS 7, follow these steps:

  1. Install iOS 6 beta 7.
  2. Install the configuration profile ResetMusicAndVideosLibraries (More on this in the iOS Developer Center):
  3. Go to Settings> Music and tapnut on the button «Reset Media Library» to delete all music or video files from the libraries of the respective standard applications.
  4. Reload smartphone or tablet.

After that, the problem should disappear and no longer appear. On the other changes in the iOS 6 beta 7 is not known yet, but if I find something, be sure to add to this article.

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