During the year 20% of Android users bought the iPhone

Philip Elmer-DeWitt, one of the editors of Fortune, the results of research conducted by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (or abbreviated CIRP), in which she a year to collect and analyze data about customers of mobile gadgets. As a result, it was reported that The new iPhone has bought a little less than half of the owners of previous models Apple smartphone and Samsung products mainly choose other users of Android-smartphone and conventional mobile phones.

Before moving figures I would like to say how much words about the methodology used by employees of CIRP. For the period from July 2012 to June 2013, they spent 4 poll, one in the quarter. In each survey involved 500 people who have bought over the past 90 days, a new mobile phone.

And here’s the most interesting facts from the study:

  • During the year, a new model of iPhone owners upgraded 42% of the previous generation Apple smartphone.
  • 43% of new customers Samsung previously owned another smartphone on Android, but the 12 billion dollars spent on marketing and advertising anti-competition, convinced him to change the mobile gadget Korean production.
  • It is likely that these fabulous marketing spending and have pushed 37% of the owners of simple mobile phones (so-called feature-backgrounds) to buy a Samsung device with Android as their first smartphone. At Apple the figure much more modest – only 26%.
  • During the year 20% of people are disappointed in Android and changed the platform on iOS. At the same time, only 7% of respondents refused to iPhone and bought a replacement smartphone Samsung.

A few words about the power of brands: 33% of users abandoned the Samsung brand in favor of Apple. In the opposite direction, “followed by” is less than three times the respondents 1 . Owners gadgets production HTC, Motorola and Nokia as their next smartphone products more often chose Koreans Blackberry users liked a little more than iPhone, but the number of people who have renounced the LG brand in favor of Apple or Samsung, about the same.

The study also found that buyers iPhones, tend to be younger, better educated and earn more than buyers of mobile gadgets Samsung.

  1. Although for me is still a mystery why the first and second graphs share holders iOS-devices is different from the percentage of users who changed the Apple brand to Samsung. ?
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