The beta version of website has got a design by iOS 7 [gallery]

In recent years, the design of applications and services Apple was used many elements of the mobile phone operating system. And it would be naive to believe that the time of release iOS 7 – the most radical upgrade iOS for all the years of its existence – the apple company would leave untouched a website, allowing access to the main components of the same name cloud service in any modern browser.

Several months I’m pretty regularly used The beta version of the website yesterday and was surprised to find that on him, too, to work hard Marketers designers from the team of Jonathan Ive. They cleaned out all the faux leather, lined note paper, fabric background and other interface elements, reminiscent of the era of total skevomorfizma Scott Forstall.

After loading the site meets users refreshing the page and the login form, and blurred icons available Web applications on a light background:

With the introduction of credential problems should arise, so after a few seconds the browser will take us to the analogue of the “home screen” with new icons from the iOS 7 which caused the wildness of various substances on the Internet, which continues to this day. On the background of icons beta Pages, Numbers and Keynote from the IWork for iCloud look is foreign:

Stylistically, the web applications are very much resemble their mobile counterparts, however, a slight difference in the interfaces is still there. Here, for example, a mail client Mail :





To start the Find My iPhone I needed to re-enter the password. Service for some time trying to locate my gadgets, showing at the moment updated compass, and then finally displayed the map:

From the viewpoint of beta website remains the same. But I would like to underline a very convenient change: now for the transition between the applications is not required every time you go to the home screen. Simply click on the title and select the desired component from the drop-down list. I can not imagine why this was not done before.

Get access to the Beta version of site are at least registered developers, as a maximum – normal users (as you’re lucky). But note that this is still a beta version, and it works until it does not matter, using a lot of resources and often falling browser.

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