The court dismissed an antitrust lawsuit against Apple

Since 2011, the U.S. judicial system is considering a class action lawsuit against the seven people who accused Apple’s monopoly on the application for the iPhone, so they are not available in alternative software stores. Back in March, apple company lawyers Asked the judge Yvonne Rogers to discontinue consideration of this case, but the decision to dismiss the action it has taken until now.

Despite the absurdity of the charges the defendant’s representatives regularly attended hearings and repeatedly voiced its position: Apple does not assign a value applications that developers are engaged. The company only takes a fixed percentage of sales for the help in their promotion and distribution, and it is not prohibited by the antimonopoly legislation.

In conversation with journalists judge expressed support for this view, but officially claim by the other, more formal because none of the plaintiffs failed to present convincing evidence of the existence in the world of yet another App Store, where all the approved programs for Apple iPhone would be sold at a low price. Simply put, they have failed to prove that regularly overpay for mobile software company based in Cupertino, or deprived them of a cheaper alternative.

However, the lawyer Alexander Schmidt (Alexander Schmidt), which protects the interests of the plaintiffs, promised to Bloomberg reporters to file a new lawsuit. According to him, Apple “has driven the market for software iPhone into a corner” and should be punished for it.

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