The Day hell frozen

Steve Jobs introduced iTunes for Widnows at a special event in San Francisco in October 2003. Such announcements in Apple’s history can be counted on the fingers, so that the presentation of the former CEO of the company said frankly: “No one thought it would ever happen.” And then the applause of the audience showed a slide with the text “Hell froze.”

However, the issue of “the best Windows software ever written,” was preceded by many months… no, not even hard work (although without too has not done), and endless debate team of top managers Apple with Steve. After all, even the idea of ??apple production software for PC within the company was seen as heresy.

The fact is that Jobs always wanted to create an ideal ecosystem in which software, hardware and peripherals would work perfectly with each other, and the success of one product reflected the popularity of the others. In the case of the iPod and iTunes persuade Steve volunteered almost all the senior vice-president of the company from Cupertino, but the main role was played by Phil Schiller and John Rubinstein.

In their view, Apple should not get hung up on the market Mac, which at that time hovered around 3%, and to enter the market of music players. It was a terrific opportunity, and they just could not pass her by. Jon Rubinstein remembers the moment when Jobs finally gave in.

We have a very long argument with Steve, but he kept saying “no.” Finally, Phil Schiller, and I said, ‘We’re going to do it. ” Then Steve, before you rush out of the room, said, “Fuck you! Do what you want, I’m sick of you. But the answer for everything, too, will you. “

Thus, iPod and iTunes became available the rest of the 97% of the users PC. They could see for themselves how well the software worked with Apple apple products. They saw how easy it was to update. They finally realized that life will become even easier if they will switch to a Mac.

By the way, originally Phil Schiller, too, was not going to let iTunes for Windows, wanting to do the program from the company MusicMatch. But she was so unsuccessful that Apple had nothing to do, how to develop a Windows-version of its multimedia processor. This point is well described in the official biography of Steve Jobs:

To iPod can work with Windows, we first made a deal with a company that produces music software, gave her all the information you need, but they have made some kind of crap. It was horrible because of the program depended, people will like to use an iPod or not. About six months we lived with such a terrible app, and then finally made iTunes for Windows. Can not be given over to the production of those things that affect the perception of the product.

Anyway, the development of iTunes for Windows has become one of the best strategic decisions in the history of Apple. Finally, I suggest to see a fragment of the very presentation of October:

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