The evolution of the standard desktop wallpaper Mac

Despite the fact that the composition of each version of OS X there is a wide range of wallpapers that can satisfy the most demanding users, Apple’s designers have always paid special attention to the standard Desktop wallpaper, it’s almost the card system. Let’s see how they have changed over the past decade and a half.

The possibility to install a full-sized background image on the screen appeared in Mac OS 8 . And at that point, and Apple has added to its operating systems a different wallpaper. While as standard wallpaper she used three-dimensional geometric objects such as capsules or flying UFOs:

Apple has always differed from rival incredible attention to detail, so even then Mac OS firmware determines the Coloring iMac, on which it was installed, and gleaned desktop image suitable shade.

With the release of Mac OS 9, the company decided to change the style of the default wallpaper. Instead of capsules and flying saucers owners of Macs were more abstract image titled «Quantum Foam». It was also performed in several different ways to approach the colorings iMac those years, and for apple computers without official colors chosen stylish lilac color – it gave the system a more refined look and feel like Steve Jobs:

In Mac OS X 10.0 the company continued to use the “quantum foam” as the standard wallpaper. True, Apple has decided to leave only two colors of this image: Aqua Blue and Graphite Gray, since they are most suited to the external appearance of the revolutionary OS:

In each subsequent release of Mac OS X Company continued to change the default wallpaper, keeping the selected style. Here is a picture of the 10.2 Jaguar, 10.3 Panther and 10.4 Tiger:

Users liked these so calm and abstract images that eventually nearly every OEM-manufacturer of PC became complete its products like wallpapers. Could not get past the trend and Microsoft – she used a similar approach to graphic elements in Windows Vista ( , a login window in and so on).

By the time of release of Mac OS X 10.5 Cupertino-based company realized that it was time again to stand out from the competition, and for the following four versions of selected space theme. Work tables Leopard and Snow Leoaprd decorated pink nebula Aurora:

And in Lion and Mountain Lion Apple’s designers have used A slightly edited images of the Andromeda Galaxy:

The next version of OS X brought a lot of surprises, and one of them was the new standard wallpaper. This image was chosen by chance, as the Mavericks – a popular and very dangerous place in California, where surfers-extremals can catch almost the highest waves in the world (and this is good advert of place, like start your run of network advertising campaign ).

In my opinion, this is one of the best standard wallpaper OS X in history.

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