Standard blank for any Apple-analysts

Last night, raking at bedtime mountain of materials stored in the Pocket, I came across A brilliant note Grennella Craig (Craig Grannell) with the title «Apple is under pressure as the unannounced product is delayed for an arbitrary period of time selected by an unknown analyst.” In my humble opinion, it is very accurately illustrates the current state of affairs in the industry rumors affecting the company from Cupertino and its products.

Apple once again came under pressure when it became known that the release of its unannounced product, evidence of the existence of which no one has been postponed for an arbitrary period of time, according to the conjecture made ??by an unknown analyst:

«Apple has not released any new product, although since the last presentation has now been several weeks. And then it has been presented only minor updates iPad, – said an unknown analyst. – This proves that Apple simply does not have the right people or resources for these investments still unrepresented product. While no one can say for sure it exists in nature or not, we are still constantly writing about it, as “sources” allegedly saw him. And now we can also make money on clicks on the yellow headlines thanks to people requiring more rumors about Apple».

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Another unidentified analyst said the unexpected delay unannounced product, on which Apple, may not even work, will lead to the death of the company: “The main problem is that once you eliminate the financial performance of the proceeds from the sale of Apple iPhone, iPad, Mac, iPod, accessories and multimedia content, you have absolutely nothing left. No unannounced product, the existence of which no one is sure, but we can still write about him, because he was allegedly seen “sources”, the Cupertino company is likely to completely disappear in the next year. ”

Press Service of the Samsung responded quickly to another drop in the share price of Apple and said that their own unannounced product will be released “on schedule” and will be presented “at least seven different sizes and 36 colors to grasp the widest possible user base” .

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