Apple bought the company Topsy

Tonight, The Wall Street Journal Reported that Apple acquired company Topsy for $ 200 million. This small company is engaged in the analysis of user activity in social networks and is an important partner of one of the largest microblogging service Twitter.

According to the description on The official website, Topsy develops products for search and analysis of trends in the major social sites like Twitter or Google+. With such a variety of tools can analyze your keywords in the context of several metrics, such as the activities, lighting events, geography or the general mood of the audience. In addition, the site Topsy serves as a search engine, able to view the content that people share on the network, and rank the results based on algorithms "social influence":

Topsy specializes in the processing of data from Twitter, offering tools for analyzing tweets, and other related information that may help in tracking consumer sentiment. Their tools can decipher how often people tweet a specific phrase or word to find the most powerful man on a certain topic or measure illuminance events or advertising campaigns.

Also, Topsy is one of the very few Twitter, who have access the full archive of all tweets published in service since 2006. The company competes with DataSift Inc. and Gnip Inc. in the analysis of these data and the resale to their customers.

Trudy Muller (Trudy Muller), a company spokesman in Cupertino, confirmed the deal, but the good old tradition, refused to discuss its cost and other details, limiting the traditional phrase: "From time to time Apple buys smaller technology companies, but we, as generally do not discuss goals or plans. "

Unfortunately, The Wall Street Journal speculated wherever Apple could use technology Topsy. But this edition makes several assumptions. For example, their development can be applied to improve the recommendations in the App Store or rotation of the most popular tracks in iTunes Radio on the basis of trends in Twitter, more accurate targeting of advertising on the site iAd, as well as estimates of the ratio of buyers to apple products.

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