Apple won NetAirus Technologies in patent dispute

Back in 2010 the eccentric 70-year-old engineer Ditsik Richard (Richard Ditzik) filed a patent lawsuit against Apple, accusing her of stealing ideas smartphone. During the last three years could not possibly matter to get to court and then, finally, American justice Ruled in favor of the company from Cupertino.

Interests of the plaintiff in the court represented a small firm NetAirus Technologies, has all the classic signs of "patent troll" because its only asset was a patent Ditsika. It introduced the idea of ??the inventor of the portable device combines the functionality of a personal computer and a mobile phone capable of operating in both cellular and wireless networks.

To award a victory to Apple or its opponent, the commission of the eight jurors needed to reach a unanimous opinion. But even after three days of heated debate, they could not reach a consensus. Then discussion intervened lawyers on both sides, asking to choose the winner of this patent dispute by good old voting. Bo? Most of the jury gave their votes in favor of the apple company.

During the trial, lawyers Apple have repeatedly stated that the patent Ditsika been made in such a way that for the case to sue the company to realize his idea into practice. In addition, this document could not describe the invention – well before his extradition Apple has already released Newton Messagepad, albeit not so lucky. A "invent" and try to patent any existing thing is not working.

Moreover, after the appearance on the market of "smart phones" Ditsik repeatedly revised its Patent, including in it the new features of smartphones, which he read in the newspapers and magazines.

After hearing the verdict, the losing party immediately pretended to be "little man", which crushed the "giant corporation" and vowed to appeal. But it seems to me that to the next level they do nothing.

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