Fake chargers for iPhone continue to kill people

A few days ago the newspaper Daily News Thailand Reported the deaths of more than one owner of the iPhone, which died of electric shock, use your smartphone while it is charging. The investigation is not yet complete, but the main cause of death was the version of the fake power adapter that does not meet safety standards Apple.

That's what we have learned journalists Thai edition:

Local police found the iPhone 4S lying far away from the outlet, and still connected to the charger. Everything indicates that the victim is likely spoke smartphone and at the same trying to recharge it.

In a photo from the blast site can see the blue power adapter, which differs from the standard charger that complements every new Apple iPhone, suggesting that this is a cheap fake.

This is not the first time that iPhone owners suffer from fake chargers. In the summer there were a number of similar incidents in which a young Chinese woman Was killed and another injured eyes, and the man fell into a coma. After that Apple even launched a special program USB Power Adapter takeback Program, which allows to put in a fake retail store and buy power adapter official at half price.

Please do not skimp on their own security and be healthy!

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