The most expensive lawyer in Apple’s history

After the end of a very strange trial, during which the Cupertino-based company was found guilty of criminal conspiracy with publishers and artificially inflating the cost of e-books, the U.S. Justice Department Michael Bromwich (Michael Bromwich) to monitor compliance with court decisions and oversight of Apple within two years. Few would have thought then that Bromwich be the most expensive lawyer in the history of the apple company.

His appetites were so high that Apple filed a formal protest, Reports Bloomberg. Just 2 weeks of attorney set the company from Cupertino account for $ 138,432. His calculation Bromwich explained quite simply: his services are $ 1,100 per hour. The remaining 15% of the same represent a "administrative surcharge" of unknown function and the costs of consultations with other lawyers who assisted in the performance of his duties.

According to lawyers Apple, Bromwich just took office and given him the power to strip off the apple company as much money for their services. The statement also said that the amount of credit is equivalent to 75% of the annual salary of a federal judge. No wonder that Apple considers it excessive.

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