Apple is going to make a revolution in the production of sapphire

Firing line of laptops MacBook Pro unibody-in cabinets, Apple held a revolution in the production of aluminum, thus won the whole industry in general. Now, as Claims known technological resource The Verge, the company from Cupertino is preparing a similar way change the nature of the production of sapphire, but now all the benefits will receive only Apple.

In 2008, when the market entered A new generation of MacBook Pro, whose body was made ??of a single piece of aluminum, apple company relied on third-party service providers, engaged in providing materials needed to manufacture a line of professional notebooks. Even then, the cash Apple has been all right, so it strongly supported its contractors, helping them to optimize and expand production – otherwise the company simply could not meet the demand for new Proshka.

As a result, these rarely used in industrial processes such as extrusion and forging aluminum, steel is quite commonplace, and Apple essentially formed an entirely new supply chain around this material:

"Thanks to the aluminum Apple has now become much cheaper and easier to use when creating products – said Ming-Chi Kuo (Ming-Chi Kuo), an analyst at KGI Securities. According to him, the demand from Apple has led to the fact that "related suppliers aluminum hulls began to invest more and more in production capacity and technology." Each of them was trying to meet the needs of the manufacturer and get a MacBook lucrative contract for extruding, anodizing and processing huge amounts of aluminum.

Apple became the founder of the aluminum revolution, but she almost could not control the production processes and distribution of advanced technologies in other industries. In the case of sapphire apple company is going to stick to the opposite approach: it is ready to spend another revolution, but this time does not plan to share all the benefits with others.

To build a new plant sapphire Arizona Cupertino-based company gained the support of GT Advanced Technologies. Only now any progress in this direction, allowing it to produce enough material for the production of hundreds of millions of devices annually and make it more accessible, will serve for Apple.

Competitors will have to solve the same problems on their own or eliminate the massive use of sapphire, focusing on similar transparent materials for future devices. But in any case, most companies will be left behind, because they do not have such vast financial reserves to invest in enabling full-scale production facilities, which will deal with only one material.

According to recent rumors of Apple and GT Advanced Technologies has already at the Arizona factory with 100 smelters sapphire small parties (to the current moment produced slightly more than 2 tons), but in the near term partners are going to install more than 1,000 new furnaces, as Apple plans to increase production of this material by the end of 2014. Apparently, the Californian giant’s really far-reaching plans for the sapphire, because in Cupertino just would not have to build a plant for the production of protective coatings for sensors Touch ID and camera in the iPhone.

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