Apple will be the users in the interest of law enforcement agencies

Soon the company Apple will begin to notify their customers when the law enforcement officers will do requests for disclosure of their personal data. The Company believes that each user has the right to know in advance that they are interested in the state.

That's what about it The Washington Post:

Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and Google plans to update its privacy policy and extend the usual notice to users in connection with the seizure of their personal data by public authorities, unless the contrary is not provided by the decision of a judge or other authority, as reported by the representatives of all four companies. Yahoo announced a similar change in its privacy policy in July.

Needless to say that investigators, prosecutors, and others like them are not happy this decision? They believe that their actions will help the technology giants attackers, because now they will be able to know in advance the interest of the authorities, and then to destroy potential evidence digital, the traces or intimidate potential witnesses before the security forces will be able to complete the investigation. At the same time, The Washington Post notes that the companies that are already using a similar strategy, practically ceased to receive requests from law enforcement.

In accordance with U.S. law, the police should be mandatory to inform the suspect of his intention to conduct a search before you do something. However, there is another practice called "sneak-and-PEEK", which allows investigators to search the house and other property of the alleged offender without notice. With the adoption of this provision of the Patriot Act was extended, after which the federal government began to use it in the investigation of almost any crime. And as such warrants become increasingly penetrate into the digital world, Apple and other technology companies are trying to deal with it by all possible means.

Cupertino-based company has promised to make all the necessary changes to its privacy policy by the end of this month. Apple press secretary Christine Hyudzhet (Kristin Huguet) told reporters The Washington Post, that users will be notified in the "most cases." But if the investigation is related to national security, then Apple can not do anything:

At the end of this month, our company will update its policy so that in most cases, clients received a notification from Apple, when law enforcement will send a request for any personal information about the customer.

Since joining Tim Cook as CEO of apple company has become much more open to issues of confidentiality. And the last action in this direction Apple confirms that it is not going to leave the chosen path. In particular, Cupertino recently Hired Sabrina Ross, known and experienced lawyer in the areas of privacy, data protection, information security, electronic surveillance and other legal matters, one way or another connected with the Internet.

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