Differences between the present and fake chargers for iPad

Last year I Wrote several times about the users who were tragically killed or seriously injured as a result of electric shock from fake chargers for your iPhone or iPad. But, despite all The efforts of Apple, users continue to hope for and maybe Save on their own lives . Shirriff Ken (Ken Shirriff) conducted an autopsy and this fake charge to show a visual difference between them.

For his Research he bought for $ 19 battery charger for iPad and his unnamed Chinese counterpart, sold on the online auction site eBay for $ 3 apiece. And while outside they look almost identical, differing only in the color of plastic, Ken found significant differences in the "stuffing" adapters.

Apple charge contains a lot of high-quality components, and a fake device is assembled from the cheapest and substandard parts. But perhaps the main difference lies in the fact that the original adapter is much safer:

In this aspect, the difference is obvious: design charger Apple applied much more insulating materials. The upper half of the scheme, for the high power, wrapped in yellow tape. Between some components installed plastic insulators and conductors have an extra layer of insulation. In the case of the fake charger buyers can expect only very minimal insulation.

On the reverse side of the adapter for iPad situation is similar.

But not quite obvious difference is that the original charge complies with international safety standards, according to which between the circuits of high and low voltage must be a gap of a width not less than 4 mm. In the case of adapter Apple it is 5.6 mm, but in fake accessory all bad – the distance between the circuits is only 0.6 mm. According Shirriffa even small drops of condensation enough to close these schemes and hit electrocution.

Another key difference is the power output. Charger, developed by engineers Apple, consistently produces 10 watts, while the Chinese fake – only 5.9 watts with constant jumps. This means that the original Apple iPad adapter charges faster and more efficiently.

In the Article, Ken Shirriffa can find comprehensive details with lots of pictures and diagrams. So if you do not mind the English language, be sure to read this informative material. After that, it becomes clear that not only the charger for the iPhone is A real work of art, but in general any power adapter products for Apple.

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