What happens if you exceed the limit on the number of songs in iTunes Match?

iTunes Match is a very useful cloud service, which allows you to store and automatically download the music collection on the user’s iDevices and computers Mac/Windows, connected to the same Apple ID. From the beginning we Knew that he had a limit of 25,000 songs, but what happens if this limit is exceeded?

Answer this question Kirk Mc Elhern (Kirk McElhearn), iTunes Guy columnist in the magazine Macworld:

Limit of 25,000 tracks is a pressing issue for some users, and the impending – for others, because every year their music libraries are becoming more and more, and someday they will certainly face a constraint.

Apparently, Apple is not interested in increasing this limit. They want to sell music, so if you have money, you can store in iTunes Match library of at least 100,000 songs. The main thing that you bought each of them in the iTunes Store .

The main problem is that once you reach the mark of 25,000 tracks, immediately begin to happen pretty strange things loading in the "cloud" will be run entirely bad, iTunes constantly displays various error messages when connecting to the server. If you are a little "thin out" the music library, you will still face challenges.

Once you leave the collection of less than 25,000 tracks, the application can not send new tracks "in the cloud", even if iTunes Match says that at the moment the collection is updated on the server. Sometimes it is very difficult or impossible to download the tracks, and the automatic update works very unreliable.

Kirk Mc Elhern sees only one possible solution to this problem – to share one library into two smaller and switch between them as needed. To do this, press the Option key in OS X or in Windows Shift during launch iTunes and select the desired library.

In any case, it is worth considering that the restrictions are imposed only on those tracks, which were obtained by encoding CDs bought on the Internet outside the iTunes Store or received is not entirely legal manner.

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