WWDC ’14 application is available for download

Prior to the World Conference for the Mac-and iOS-developers is a little less than two weeks. In this regard, Apple has released an update of its official , which contains more information about this annual event.

With the application of the Cupertino company has confirmed that the conference will traditional presentation for which June 2 monitors gather a huge number of not only developers, but also ordinary users. It Tim Cook and his colleagues of the number of top managers Apple for two hours will talk about the next version iOS, OS X, and even possibly show us new applications, products or services.

Apple is widely known for its secrecy and desire as long as possible to save new items in secret, so unlike the , which allows you to now get a rough idea of what will be discussed at a conference of the search giant, the schedule for WWDC ’14 at the moment very heavily edited. Instead of the normal sessions names are meaningless titles like “This is our little secret”, “learn about it in a few days,” “We will not tell you”, “You’ll never guess what’s” or “You just have to wait a little longer ” 1 . It is expected that all will be known after the apple company will introduce new technologies and capabilities to the public.

In addition to the schedule, the new version of app has to offer visitors not only an updated look in the style of iOS 7, but also maps floors Moscone West center with all important facilities and rooms designed for seminars and labs, a section with the latest news and a variety of videos that will appear as the conference venue.

Download the official application of WWDC is completely free from the App Store at .

  1. The schedule WWDC earlier names were not listed at all sessions, but this year the company has approached this issue with humor, abandoning the traditional phrase “The session will be announced later.” ?
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