Apple eased requirements for certain iOS-applications

In the first half of the month I was Told on this blog that Apple has begun to be removed from the App Store mobile applications that force users to watch commercials or share information about the game in social networks to obtain certain bonuses in the form of game currency, extra lives and etc.

This change is quite upset developers because this model helped them bad monetize and promote their Freemium-game. As a result, Apple has decided once again to reconsider its opinion in respect of such applications, as Tuesday TechCrunch:

According to the developers, the situation has changed. Sources in the industry promotional video report that the company no longer denies the review of mobile software on this basis. We were also told that some applications that were previously removed from the App Store for this reason, now allowed to return.

Despite this, Apple still removes from its iOS-store programs that use various methods to manipulate the ratings in the App Store or force users to download games and other applications to get promotion. They must do something like for their apps from AppStore.

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