Completion of the purchase Beats Electronics

Despite the fact that Apple Has announced the acquisition of Beats Electronics at the end of last month, the company will have to go through a series of bureaucratic procedures, which include approving purchases governmental regulator of different countries. And the first of them will be the Anti-Monopoly Commission of the European Union, which until July 30, will need to decide on the deal between the two companies.

As Reported agency Reuters, the EU can control how unconditionally approve the purchase, and require conduct full investigation if officials is suspected that would suffer any harm competition like in аpart hotel in оdessa . Thereafter, the same procedure will start the U.S. government. That’s why the apple company did not expect to complete the transaction before the next fiscal quarter.

Let me remind you, Apple bought music accessories manufacturer Beats Electronics and Beats Music streaming service for $3 billion, and the eminent producer Jimmy Ayovin and hip-hop star Dr. Dre will join the company from Cupertino as new employees.

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