Fund (Product) RED apologized for saying Bono

Yesterday evening, a global nonprofit foundation Product (RED) Thanked his blog Apple for great help in combating the spread of AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria in Africa, and apologized for saying Bono spoke about the apple company in a negative way.

According to official data, the current moment Apple sacrificed to the needs of Product (RED) more than $ 75 million, making it the largest trading partner of the charity. Foundation representatives also commented on statements by U2 frontman Bono, who is concurrently its founder.

Earlier this week at the festival "Cannes Lions 2014" Bono and Jonathan Ive Gave an interview in which famous musician criticized reluctance to actively promote the Apple brand (RED) and place it on apple products:

As proof of his words Bono stood up, picked up the cover (RED), pulled out his iPad, illustrating the audience that the only way the user can see the logo of the nonprofit organization, because it is on the inside of the cover and the tablet is always closed.

"Where Branding (RED)? – He turned to Quince. – No one can see it. It's just a triumph of modesty. This style of Apple. It is a true religious cult! "

Bono's words did not touch Quince Jonathan, and he said that between Apple and Product (RED) formed a strong alliance:

We started in 2006 with the iPod nano, and now the logo (RED) is worth half a dozen products. For us, this partnership is something very, very special.

In his blog, the Foundation reported that Bono did not want to offend anyone, and said this remark in a humorous manner, trying to make fun of excessive modesty Quince and Apple in matters of charity. In fact, U2 vocalist very grateful To Steve Jobs, Tim Cook, Jonathan quince apple and other employees of the company.

This proves once again that the jokes are not always funny, if taken out of context. Some replica Bono and artificial outrage modesty Apple media were perceived as real criticism. However, this is untrue. Bono is one of the biggest fans of Apple and has repeatedly stood up for her when someone criticized the charitable activities of the company only for the fact that it does not shout about it at every corner. Apple has every right to such humility, and it is in many ways remarkable.

According to Shawn King (Shawn King), one of the authors of the popular blog The Loop, Apple Plans to increase support for Product (RED) in the coming months. However, it is not clear exactly what the company is going to do, because it already in the lineup, and so quite a lot of "red" products including the iPod, the bumpers for the iPhone, iPad and other cases.

A total of 8 years, all Partners Product (RED), among which, besides Apple can distinguish Starbucks, Coca-Cola, Beats, Bank of America, Square, Claro, Telcel, SAP and many other companies, the needs of the fund collected 250 million more. dollars.

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