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In the middle of next month Brecker German auction house To auction another fully working Apple I computer in the original packaging, hoping to get him from 300 to 500 thousand dollars. This unit is under the number “46″ was …

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Last week, the head of the marketing department Qualcomm Anand Chandrasekher called the processor Apple A7 “a marketing gimmick” and claimed that ordinary consumers do not get to go on a 64-bit architecture to no avail. But, as it turned …

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Glass and metal, of which the body is made iPhone, looks simply amazing, but in terms of durability, these materials – not the best choice. And while most of us are very thrifty with their mobile gadgets, no one is …

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Recently the blog 9to5Mac Reported that the Cupertino-based company has launched a special section in the iTunes Store under the title «Employees on iTunes». It includes books, songs, movies, TV shows and other multimedia content, the creation of which had …

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“FaceTime Every Day” – another advertisement iPhone 5

Last night, Apple introduced another advertising The iPhone 5, which is called “FaceTime Every Day”. It continues a series of amazing films about popular features of apple smartphone and released the company from Cupertino earlier this year.

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Covers for Internet radio stations

Earlier this week, the Cupertino-based company started sending emails to Internet radio provider to send to Apple covers radios for use in iTunes and on mobile devices. These covers should be in JPG or PNG with a color scheme RGB, … Continue reading

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Apple buys “Passif Semiconductor”

Last night it was reported that Apple, after several years of negotiations, finally bought Passif Semiconductor – a small company from Silicon Valley, specializing in the production of wireless chips, which are characterized by very low power consumption and can … Continue reading

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Late last week, Apple Has formed a scientific advisory board for the program responsibilities of suppliers who will assess the working conditions for all enterprises where apple products, conduct research related to labor policy of the company from Cupertino, and …

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Early last month It became known that the U.S. International Trade Commission (International Trade Commission or abbreviated ITC) in one of the many legal disputes between Apple and Samsung has recognized the company from Cupertino guilty of patent infringement Korean …

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As promised earlier, Apple gradually Return the money to parents whose children have spent fabulous sums on domestic purchases. But sometimes the company agrees to make concessions, even if it was not obliged to do so. For example, as was …

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