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Increasingly, the Internet mention new malware app for Mac OS X, which masquerades as a service program of Apple, found non-existent viruses, due to carelessness and gullibility of users installed in the system after entering the administrator password, and also …

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In the Dock icon bounces kindly Software Update, which means that we will soon be a chance to install on your computer the next version of a standard application or a component of Mac OS X. And anticipation is not …

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Technology high-speed I/O Thunderbolt, which was the result of close collaboration, Intel and Apple, debuted in the last generation MacBook Pro and a half months ago. But this quarter all other computer manufacturers will have access to the official Development …

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IOS secretly store information about your location

Over Apple in danger of another major scandal, because the researchers Alasdayr Allan (Alasdair Allan) and Pete Worden (Pet Warden) found in a local backup iOS very interesting file. It not only includes a complete history of your location, but … Continue reading

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Spring bundle of MacLegion: 8 applications for $50

Every year the number of software kits for “super-low price” increases exponentially. True, often the organizers of these actions either unwilling or unable to negotiate with the developers of good software and link their bundles not nearly as much as, … Continue reading

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