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Technology iOS: iBeacons and Bluetooth LE

One of the most exciting technologies available in iOS 7 is iBeacon. It can provide some very interesting features like mobile developers and ordinary users. Let’s take a closer look, what she is like and how it works.

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iBeacon and Geofence

It should be noted that in iOS 4 already present technology with which the application can determine that the user has entered or left a certain location. Core Location framework Supports the so-called Geofence (geofencing). At first glance it may … Continue reading

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One of the major innovations in iOS 7 has updated Multitasking, which allows you to more effectively manage running applications and their contents. In this article I would like to tell as to how the work of the technology.

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I think you’ve already read that the Obama administration Lifted the ban absurd U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) on the import and sale of a number of old apple smartphones and tablets. But the abolition of this verdict was not …

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This week, Apple acquired start Matcha.tv. On the same day, the press service of the Cupertino confirmed the purchase, but flatly refused to voice any details of the deal. However, today it was announced that apple company has attracted algorithm …

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Approved a new standard USB

In the beginning of this year, the organization behind the development of USB, started developing a new version of the standard, which would allow a data rate of 10 Gbit/s using the same connectors. At the end of last week … Continue reading

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The latest beta of iOS 7 is closed unusual vulnerability

In one of the previous issues of “Apple Tree” I already Told our readers that the three computer security researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have developed a prototype battery charger, which allows you within minutes to crack mobile … Continue reading

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In the beginning of the article I have already mention in passing that the developers have registered for testing the first beta version of iTunes 11.1 (build number 11.1b44). The major change in her was to support new streaming music …

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In October, Samsung will hold its own «WWDC» with blackjack and other important components. As Reported Ars Technica referring to representatives of the South Korean company, Samsung Developer Conference will be held in San Francisco from 27 to 29 October, …

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Ever since last Thursday registered iOS-and Mac-developers can not get into the Developer Center. All this time, expressed a variety of assumptions, but just last night Apple announced details: real estate development site was hacked anonymous hacker, and the resource …

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