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Tonight Cupertino-based company released a firmware update SMC for some models of MacBook Air. This update fixes a nasty problem with fast discharging the battery at Air laptops, released in mid-2013. And the next day Apple introduced the EFI update …

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According to the new application filed recently in the Commission on Securities and Exchange Commission U.S. (United States Securities and Exchange Commission or an abbreviated SEC), Apple has extended an agreement with Liquidmetal Technologies for the exclusive use of their …

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Last night the company from Cupertino has released several useful updates for their software products. Among them another update apple operating system OS X 10.9.3, a new version of the multimedia combine iTunes 11.2, as well as several other updates, …

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Differences between the present and fake chargers for iPad

Last year I Wrote several times about the users who were tragically killed or seriously injured as a result of electric shock from fake chargers for your iPhone or iPad. But, despite all The efforts of Apple, users continue to … Continue reading

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Services iTunes

As Reported by the German blog iFun.de, Cupertino-based company has expanded opportunities iTunes in the Cloud in Germany and Spain, giving their residents access to films and TV shows. Until yesterday, the possibility of this useful feature in these countries … Continue reading

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Would like to call on FaceTime? Install iOS 7!

Tonight, Apple has published a support Interesting document, which allows us to understand why in the middle of last week, users of iOS 6 suddenly stopped working FaceTime. As it turned out, the problem lies in the expired certificates, and … Continue reading

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Tonight apple company managed not only To celebrate another victory over its direct competitor, but please ordinary users with updated versions of applications iWork, as well as the latest firmware for wireless devices Apple, which corrects errors in the last …

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At the Last presentation, Tim Cook said that the owners of the new gadgets Apple, activated after September 1, will be able to download for free a number of its own programs for iOS. At the end of last week, …

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Last week, the head of the marketing department Qualcomm Anand Chandrasekher called the processor Apple A7 “a marketing gimmick” and claimed that ordinary consumers do not get to go on a 64-bit architecture to no avail. But, as it turned …

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Glass and metal, of which the body is made iPhone, looks simply amazing, but in terms of durability, these materials – not the best choice. And while most of us are very thrifty with their mobile gadgets, no one is …

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