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Apparently, the Cupertino-based company is currently testing the changes in the network security system that will activate two-step authentication to access the site iCloud.com. This was Reported by users who experience morning weirdo in the applications available through the web …

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Finally, the final chord of the official announcement of The deal between Apple and Beats was the performance of the two top managers of Cupertino Conference Code Conference, which was organized by Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher after retiring from …

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Some time after The announcement of the largest transactions in the history of Apple Tim Cook sent an email to his staff, which told a little more detail about buying Beats Electronics. Thanks to ubiquitous insiders it Got Received 9to5Mac, …

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After numerous rumors and Speculation, plying on the network during the last three weeks, Apple has officially confirmed tonight package for the popular headphone and audio solutions Beats Electronics, as well as their service Beats Music, launched in January this …

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Apple will be the users in the interest of law enforcement agencies

Soon the company Apple will begin to notify their customers when the law enforcement officers will do requests for disclosure of their personal data. The Company believes that each user has the right to know in advance that they are … Continue reading

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Bring to your attention a translation Of the passage from the book Leander Keney dedicated Jonathan Quince. In it the author tells about the birth of the iPhone and the difficulties faced and the whole company and its main designer …

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iBeacon will be integrated into Apple Store

One of the most subtle, but no less interesting innovations iOS 7 technology became iBeacon, which I recently Told in the pages of “makovodov.” And now the apple company can integrate its development in the retail Apple Store.

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Last week, the head of the marketing department Qualcomm Anand Chandrasekher called the processor Apple A7 “a marketing gimmick” and claimed that ordinary consumers do not get to go on a 64-bit architecture to no avail. But, as it turned …

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Ashton Kutcher to prepare for the role of Steve Jobs

Last month, Ashton Kutcher Told why he agreed to star in the film “jOBS”, which focuses on 30 of the most productive years in the life of Steve Jobs. And now, when before the movies in the car just over … Continue reading

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“FaceTime Every Day” – another advertisement iPhone 5

Last night, Apple introduced another advertising The iPhone 5, which is called “FaceTime Every Day”. It continues a series of amazing films about popular features of apple smartphone and released the company from Cupertino earlier this year.

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