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Barely a few hours after the Release of the budget model iMac, as the network began to appear the data on its performance. It turns out, Apple has used quite unexpectedly in monoblock design low voltage dual core processor Intel …

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A few words about the performance of the new MacBook Air

In the middle of this week, Apple held a Small update MacBook Air line . Virtually the only change compared with the previous generation apple ultrabooks naturally except price reduction of $ 100 was the installation of a new processor … Continue reading

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Apple held a small update MacBook Air

As predicted ubiquitous "anonymous sources", Apple still held a small update MacBook Air this morning and released them on sale. New models of ultraportable laptops apple boast the latest Intel Haswell processors and more democratic value.

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Despite the lack of clear progress, Apple continues to experiment with alloys Liquidmetal, as evidenced by the recent patent applications the company from Cupertino, directed to the Office of Patent and Trademark Office United States (US Trademark & ??Patent Office, …

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Last night, Apple released EFI firmware update for owners of the latest generation MacBook Air, which was Presented this summer at the opening of WWDC 2013. It includes some fixes to improve stability during the installation of the operating systems …

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According to an internal document Apple, Has sent out the other day in all retail stores of the company, the first generation iPhone very soon get the official status of “obsolete” gadget. Also, a landmark smartphone, will forever change their …

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Earlier this week, Apple updated the slogan that accompanies the description of the MacBook Pro with the display Retina, which originally read as follows: “In the first place on the resolution of laptops, and in the second, too.” However, after …

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In the middle of last week, Apple without any fuss slightly Updated the specifications of their MacBook Pro with Retina display and lowered their prices. However, the output resource 9to5Mac Has learned that the changes were a little more dramatic …

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About Apple, MacBook Air and cheap ultrabook’s fear

As the fourth generation of the iPad will be released no earlier than next year, and prospects for the announcement of the new iPhone at WWDC seem vague, the public once again began to actively discuss the future of Apple … Continue reading

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Linus Torvalds loves your MacBook Air

Despite the fact that Linus Torvalds can not be called a fiery fan of the products Apple, he is madly loves his 11-inch MacBook Air, and wonders why other manufacturers have not yet managed to release a laptop that can … Continue reading

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