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Services iTunes

As Reported by the German blog iFun.de, Cupertino-based company has expanded opportunities iTunes in the Cloud in Germany and Spain, giving their residents access to films and TV shows. Until yesterday, the possibility of this useful feature in these countries … Continue reading

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Apple launched its own mapping solution in September 2012, but the first attempt turned out lumpy, causing over the company not only lazy sneered. Fortunately, from the very beginning users had the opportunity to report problems or errors in the …

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Fake chargers for iPhone continue to kill people

A few days ago the newspaper Daily News Thailand Reported the deaths of more than one owner of the iPhone, which died of electric shock, use your smartphone while it is charging. The investigation is not yet complete, but the … Continue reading

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For the past week portal for registered Apple Mac-and iOS-developers is in the off position. And tonight, a little company from Cupertino has updated its Page with an apology, saying some details of the plan to recover it. In addition, …

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Illegal extraction of tin

On A special page of the official website of the liability of suppliers, the company from Cupertino has promised to deal with allegations of illegal tin mining in Indonesia. Apple plans to enlist the support of the Coalition electronics industry … Continue reading

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Apple has completely refused the services of intermediaries and now directly supplies its computers, smartphones, tablets and players in Russia. This innovation will be reflected as a distributor apple products, and the ordinary citizens.

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According to Turkish blog Elma Dergisi, representatives of Apple, including the vice president of education issues, John Couch (John Couch) met with the Turkish government, led by President Abdullah Gul (Abdullah Gul). At the meeting mainly discussed the educational initiative …

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After several weeks of testing, Electronic Arts has finally released the final version of Origin for Mac – the client to access their digital distribution platform games. For the first time the adaptation of this program for the apple OS …

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