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As Reported this morning blog 9to5Mac citing Bloomberg, Cupertino-based company settled out of court a lawsuit involving allegations of price fixing in the market with publishers of electronic books. With this Apple could avoid paying imposing a fine of 840 …

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According to the results of another survey BrandZ ( PDF ), conducted by research firm Millward Brown, in this year’s ranking of the most valuable brands in the world led by Google. The search giant has displaced from the first …

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Apple is going to make a revolution in the production of sapphire

Firing line of laptops MacBook Pro unibody-in cabinets, Apple held a revolution in the production of aluminum, thus won the whole industry in general. Now, as Claims known technological resource The Verge, the company from Cupertino is preparing a similar … Continue reading

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iPad has once again topped the rating of JD Power

Yesterday evening, the agency JD Power & Associates Has published the results of its latest survey, which investigated the level of satisfaction with their American owners tablet computers. Like a year ago, the Cupertino-based company has received this ranking the … Continue reading

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Apple shares again reached the level of $600

Following yesterday's trading on the stock exchange Nasdaq, specializing mainly in the securities of high-tech corporations, Apple shares for the first time since October 2012 crossed the threshold of $ 600. This growth demonstrates the significant recovery apple company shares, … Continue reading

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In the second quarter Apple had revenue of $ 45.6 billion and net income of $ 10.2 billion (or $ 11.62 per diluted earnings per share). Compared with the same reporting period last year the company’s revenues increased by 5%, …

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Following the publication of Second quarter results, investors and journalists apple company got the opportunity to talk with the leaders of Apple using the conference call., Read the key moments of the event.

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Apple won NetAirus Technologies in patent dispute

Back in 2010 the eccentric 70-year-old engineer Ditsik Richard (Richard Ditzik) filed a patent lawsuit against Apple, accusing her of stealing ideas smartphone. During the last three years could not possibly matter to get to court and then, finally, American … Continue reading

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The Day hell frozen

Steve Jobs introduced iTunes for Widnows at a special event in San Francisco in October 2003. Such announcements in Apple’s history can be counted on the fingers, so that the presentation of the former CEO of the company said frankly: … Continue reading

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Last night, a famous American investor Carl Icahn (Carl Icahn) in social service Twitter expressed their support for Apple, saying that he not only owns a large stake in the company from Cupertino, but considers it “extremely undervalued”.

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