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Lock your Mac with iPhone

One summer I was talking about the interesting concept of a password manager from Ford. iOS-database developer Scott decided to use a similar approach to automatically lock your Mac whenever he absented himself from the computer and unlock it upon … Continue reading

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How to set the Mountain Lion on a clean hard drive

If last year, Apple offered to owners of Mac’s official USB-drive with the Lion, to replacing the hard drive they were able to reinstall the system, now Mountain Lion is distributed only through the Mac App Store. Today I’ll show … Continue reading

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Faith in the evening became available Pocket 1.1 for Mac. The new version of the desktop client of one of the best services for delayed reading (along with Instapaper and Readability), several significant changes: The application has built-in support Mountain …

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Cupertino-based company stopped selling Snow Leopard immediately after the Mountain Lion. However, recently one of the most popular versions of Mac OS X has returned to the catalog online Apple Store at a price of $19.99.

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Last night, Apple released a Java update immediately for its three operating systems – Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion, which increases safety by removing the OS X and proper configuration of the plugin in all browsers. True, from the …

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Last night, the Cupertino-based company has released a couple more updates for OS X Mountain Lion and customary Lion (version 10.8.2 and 10.7.5), which debuted in the middle of last month in parallel with the release of iOS 6. These …

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A few minutes after the release of iOS 6 in the Mac App Store there was an update to version 10.8.2 Mountain Lion, who had long before been tested by registered developers. Once it’s installed, users will be Mac compatible …

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It turns out that in the depths of Mountain Lion can be found almost fifty wallpapers hidden from prying eyes. And they are located in the following directory: /System/Library/Frameworks/ScreenSaver. Framework/Versions/A/Resources/Default Collections/

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Now almost all the powers of Apple thrown on preparations for the next presentation, which will take place next week. But even so the company from Cupertino continues to the development of its software products and releases for the updates. …

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In previous articles in the series “Features Mountain Lion» I was introduced to our wonderful readers with all of the most interesting features, capabilities, and technologies that have emerged in the new version of the system. Unfortunately, not all of …

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