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How to set the Mountain Lion on a clean hard drive

If last year, Apple offered to owners of Mac’s official USB-drive with the Lion, to replacing the hard drive they were able to reinstall the system, now Mountain Lion is distributed only through the Mac App Store. Today I’ll show … Continue reading

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It’s no secret that the Mountain Lion, to break free from the torture chamber apple company, was very “greedy.” After his set, battery life notebook epplovskih decreased by about 35-40%, which gave their owners a lot of inconvenience. The situation …

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In previous articles in the series “Features Mountain Lion» I was introduced to our wonderful readers with all of the most interesting features, capabilities, and technologies that have emerged in the new version of the system. Unfortunately, not all of …

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Just a few minutes ago, Apple released the first update for the Mountain Lion. OS X 10.8.1 update can be downloaded directly from Apple’s website or via the integrated system mechanism Software Update, which directs users to the “Updates” in …

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Graphics Performance Mountain Lion

It seems that not only I have the feeling that the Mountain Lion is faster Lion. One of the reasons for this is the variety of enhancements and graphics drivers that will increase productivity OS X by about 8-10%. A … Continue reading

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Just a few minutes ago, appeared on Apple’s site the next press release, which the Cupertino-based company has officially announced that the Mountain Lion has set a new record in the history of the company – for the first 4 …

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Along with the release of OS X 10.8 set major Western Internet resources “okoloyablochnoy” and technical subjects produced their own reviews of Mountain Lion, and shared their first impressions. It is said that the press greeted the new operating system …

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Before the release of Mountain Lion, judging by circumstantial evidence, there is very little, and now is the time to prepare the computer to install the new version of OS X. Resource Cult Of Mac has compiled a list of …

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Employees get AppleCare Mountain Lion

After another portion of the insider information on the 9to5Mac blog virtually no longer any doubt that the next major upgrade of a desktop operating system, Apple appears on the virtual shelves of Mac App Store in the next few … Continue reading

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Some time ago, Apple has finally distracted from the “machine gun” release of Java SE and were pleased with the registered developers third test assemblies Mountain Lion, Xcode 4.4 and Safari 5.2. The notes to update the company apple does …

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