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Since the publication Of the annual report Apple ‘s been quite a long time, but experts continue to “tinkering” in this fascinating financial document and find all the new details on the company from Cupertino. In particular, in one of …

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On Tuesday, the Computer History Museum (Computer History Museum), with the support DigiBarn Computer Museum Has published the source code of the operating system DOS, which was mounted on the legendary Apple II. Museums pretty long conversation with the Cupertino, …

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Technology iOS: iBeacons and Bluetooth LE

One of the most exciting technologies available in iOS 7 is iBeacon. It can provide some very interesting features like mobile developers and ordinary users. Let’s take a closer look, what she is like and how it works.

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iBeacon and Geofence

It should be noted that in iOS 4 already present technology with which the application can determine that the user has entered or left a certain location. Core Location framework Supports the so-called Geofence (geofencing). At first glance it may … Continue reading

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The Day hell frozen

Steve Jobs introduced iTunes for Widnows at a special event in San Francisco in October 2003. Such announcements in Apple’s history can be counted on the fingers, so that the presentation of the former CEO of the company said frankly: … Continue reading

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In the middle of next month Brecker German auction house To auction another fully working Apple I computer in the original packaging, hoping to get him from 300 to 500 thousand dollars. This unit is under the number “46″ was …

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According To the sources Bloomblerg, early next year, Apple plans to launch iTunes Radio in Australia, Britain, Canada, New Zealand, and possibly some Scandinavian countries. The company from Cupertino has a great chance to overtake in such "international expansion" of …

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Earlier this week, Apple updated the Special section of the site for investors and announced the next conference, which will take place on October 28. At this event, the Cupertino-based company will summarize the work in the fourth quarter of …

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Last week, the head of the marketing department Qualcomm Anand Chandrasekher called the processor Apple A7 “a marketing gimmick” and claimed that ordinary consumers do not get to go on a 64-bit architecture to no avail. But, as it turned …

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The beta version of iCloud.com website has got a design by iOS 7 [gallery]

In recent years, the design of applications and services Apple was used many elements of the mobile phone operating system. And it would be naive to believe that the time of release iOS 7 – the most radical upgrade iOS … Continue reading

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