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Lodsys not going to give

Patent trolls from Lodsys continue the offensive on all fronts, including the Internet. Yesterday, in their blog has information about filing lawsuits against some companies and developers whose applications are sold in the App Store and use the system In-App … Continue reading

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Business Insider ascertained, as consumers use iPad

Last year, when the first iPad just beginning to appear on sale, many were rather weak, as such even if technically flawless gadget can fit into people’s lives. However, yesterday Resource Business Insider has announced some interesting results concerning the … Continue reading

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Apple has released the source code iOS 4.3 WebKit

Despite the total, and at times a bit absurd closeness of everything at Apple, the company website there is an impressive section on open source software. Since 2001 and the first version of Mac OS X, it published the source … Continue reading

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Yesterday the publishing house Simon & Schuster has announced that it will release early next year, the first biography of Steve Jobs, endorsed by big boss from Cupertino, and provide readers with “an unprecedented look at the life of genius …

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